Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Bishop of France, Vladyka Borys Gudziak, speaks on Hromadske TV (Ukrainian) concerning today's tragic events in Kyiv

"We and our community is in shock, as is the whole country. I want to
express my sympathies to the families of those who have died today. This
s the flowering of our nation. I visited the wounded in the hospital.
These are pure people, who have no evil intentions, who were ready to
give everything they had today, so that we might live different lives.

"When we sat here together on Monday, we could not imagine what
would happen to day. We spoke of the need for sacrifice, but I don't
think we imagined it would come so soon. Sacrifice and martyrdom brings
fruit. This does not justify the actions of the government today, nor
the behaviour of the titushkos [hired thugs], our police or the Berkut
[special forces unit].

"But sacrifice, witness, and martyrdom changes people, it changes
the world. It is difficult for me to express my thoughts today. We are
all scattered today, but I think we are inspired by the purity of this
sacrifice..." Vladyka Borys Gudziak

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