Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

UGKK Weihnachtsgrüße von Patriarch Swiatoslaw (auf Englisch)

Christ is born!
Hearing the voice of the angel which could be heard by the shepherds in the dark night, we are hurrying today to the poor stable in Bethlehem.  Here in the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we see the Son of God who came into our world as a human being.  Together with them we rejoice, we sing praises, and we look upon the live and true God, who was born in a human body and gives himself to the hands of a person as a tiny, tender, unprotected Child.
The Nativity of our Savior uncovers for us the depths of Divine Life as well as the whole truth about the human person. The One who appeared today in a human body existed well before the creation of the world, because as the eternal God from time immemorial from the Father imperishably as a Son. This sacrament of God’s paternity of Jesus Christ -- that in itself is inexpressible and incomprehensible – today appears and preaches to humankind.  This feast makes the Divine status of a son accessible to us, and proclaims that our God the Father loves us as His sons and daughters.  In His newborn Son we experience today our closeness to God, just as warm, powerful, real, and life-rendering as is the tremor of the closeness of a loving father to his only first son.
By gazing into the face of God’s Son and His Mother Mary, we realize that the Feast of the Nativity permits us to discover the truth about our humanness, about our own humanity, which became a sign of God’s presence:  “Here is a sign,” said the angel to the shepherds, “you will find a swaddled infant lying in the manger” (Luke 2: 12).  This Child – is the God of Israel who was recently born in human form by the Virgin without a seed.  This Child immediately delegates the person of St Joseph the Betrothed with the strange role of being his guardian. In the Nativity of Christ we accept the eternal God in the form in which we ourselves are.  Because, in general, people yearn that someone take care of them.  And here, in Bethlehem, God Himself, as a child, is the one who is being cared for by a human family!
Humanness, the feeling of the sacredness of the human life and a respect for it – that is the touching and redemptive path on which during this sacramental night the Son of God as the Son of Mary, comes to our home, our family, our people.  And this divine humanness – the God-given humanness of the incarnated Son of God opens up for us today the Christmas road of love towards God and neighbor.  In celebrating Christmas together with the travelers and the homeless, in solidarity with those who are disrespected and whose dignity is negated, we, Christians, as real guardians and bearers of good news of the presence of God among us, are making our world, our society, more humane and more dignified for the Person. Weiter auf NEWS.UCGG.ORG.UA

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