Montag, 13. Januar 2014

Pressekonferenz Seiner Seligkeit Sviatoslavs, des Oberhaupts der UGKKPressekonferenz Seiner Seligkeit Sviatoslavs, des Oberhaupts der UGKK

Am Montag, dem 13. Januar, findet in Kiew, im Pressezentrum „Ukrayinski novyny (Ukrainische Nachrichten)“ eine Pressekonferenz Seiner Seligkeit Sviatoslavs (Shevchuk), des Oberhaupts der UGKK, statt. Sie beginnt um 10.00 Uhr.

Diese Pressekonferenz ist dem gegenwärtigen Zustand der Beziehungen zwischen Staat und Kirche in der Ukraine gewidmet. Während der Pressekonferenz soll eine Botschaft Seiner Seligkeit Sviatoslavs an die ukrainische Staatsmacht verlautbart werden.
Die Akkreditierung der Journalisten findet vor Ort statt – diese sollen sich als solche ausweisen.

Nachrichtenabteilung der UGKK 

Ministry of Culture threatened to terminate the registration of the UGCC because of the priests' presence on Euromaidan (RISU)

sheva.jpgPatriarch Sviatoslav ( Shevchuk ) on 13 January published and commented on the letter from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine on the possible termination of the activities of religious organizations based on their activity on Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) where for two months peaceful protests are held.
On Christmas Eve, January 6, Greek Catholic head received an official letter from the Ministry about " systematic disregard for the law by some priests on Independence Square, allegedly supported UGCC authorities."
According to the ministry, UGCC violated the requirements of the law on freedom of conscience and religious organizations, holding religious activities on the Square in December 2013 and at the beginning of 2014.

In response to this information from the Ministry of Culture the patriarch said that the Church is not taking part in political events, but it "can not stay apart when faithful ask for spiritual care ," as well as present on the Square .
"Our Church has always been true and will remain so for the future mission that Christ the Savior entrusted, despite all the threats. We thought that the time of repression has passed, but letters like these give doubts. We are not ashamed of our presence on the Maidan and will remain there "- said the head of the UGCC .
We currently do not known if such letters recieved other churches or religious organizations.
Last UGCC "was removed from the register" in March 1946, during Stalin's purges and for 40 years existed illigaly. 

Religious Information Service Ukraine 

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